Broadcast professional project status updates

Send beautiful status updates without the extra effort


Client status updates are published
and never lost in email

Status Reports are broadcast via email, but also have a URL associated with them, so sharing their link is simple.

Reports accessible online and via email

One URL answers the question,
"Where is the project?"

You spend too much time writing emails that explain a project's progress. It's a distraction to constantly update your client email after email. A single URL should replace writing long emails.

A single URL to track a project

Inline editing:
You see what your clients see.

When editing status pages and reports, it's crystal clear what you client will see, because you see the same thing.

Simple inline status page editing

Speak your clients language:
Milestones and Deliverables

Clients don't want your task list, they want to know when major milestones are hit and what deliverables are involved. Speak their language.

Easy milestone and deliverable editing

Something new is coming. Are you ready?

Be the first to find out

We help you build succcessful client relationships

Send professional proposals

Your clients have never seen a proposal list this. Create a Project Status Page as a proposal and forward.

Get paid faster

Add payment schedules to your Project Status Page so clients know when they have to pay you and why.

Tell a story

ProjectPulse isn't about task management, it's a client presentation tool. Share milestones and progress.

Answer repeat questions

Do your clients ask the same questions over and over again? Put those questions in the Project Status Page’s FAQ and they’ll never have to ask you again.

Grow your business

ProjectPulse was created by a freelancer for freelancers to save time, make clients happy, and get more referrals and repeat business.

Easy to use and share

Client communication is all we do. We’re dedicated to bringing the simplest, easiest client management tool to hard working freelancers so you can bill more hours and waste less time in redundant emails and calls.

Great client experience = Successful Projects

Make excellent client communication part of your pitch

Project status pages and status reports for freelancers and agencies with clients

The key to your success is your client's success

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