New Feature: Milestone Dependencies; dashboard and status page updates too

July 13, 2015

The past few weeks we’ve been working hard on stabilizing the app, cleaning up a few features, and building a brand new feature called “Milestone Dependencies”. Let’s start with the major feature:

Milestone Dependencies

What are they? Dependencies are basically sub-milestones, or milestone-specific requirements for projects. You give them a title, assign them to a person and mark them as complete as the project progresses. Here, you can see them in action:



Dependencies are a crucial part of project status pages because they bring the accountability for more granular responsibilities into milestones. As you’ll see when you hover over dependencies, you can drag and drop them too.

How do dependencies work in your projects?

Access Modal

The passcode and Access settings (private/public setting) of status pages were previously taking up important real estate in the Edit view. However, setting a status page to public or private and changing the passcode usually doesn’t happen more than once after creating a status page. Therefore, we’ve tucked them away in a great looking modal (if we do say so ourselves). You access the Access modal on the left side of status pages here:




In addition, you’ll see that when you change the access setting of a status page, there’s a new flag on the top left of status pages that let everyone know a status page is public or private. This way, when most critical, your clients or team can be sure a status page is private and passcode-protected.

Dashboard updates

The status page list in the dashboard got a bit of a face-lift. Here’s what’s new:

  • Status page milestones are resized to be more informative and easier to read
  • Private status pages are given a “private” label
  • Cloning and archiving is a much smoother experience now
  • The page title “My Status Pages” looks like a tab. Wait what??? I wonder what other tabs may join it soon… 😉


What other updates would you like to see to the dashboard?

Linkify-ing in status pages

Before, only a status page’s description and a milestone’s description would “linkify” text (ie. is recognized and made into a link). Now, we linkify text in a few more places. So go ahead and use links in the following fields:

  • status page title
  • status page description
  • status page client name
  • milestone description
  • dependency title

Linkifying is another way to make your project status pages better resources for you, your clients, and your team. What other resource improvements would you like to see for status pages?


Misc. Status Page Features

Not all fields are required

We had a few complaints before about not being able to leave fields empty, such as a milestone’s description or a To-Do’s assignee. We hear you loud and clear that not all milestones have descriptions and not all to-dos have assignees. Now, you can leave those fields empty if you want and you won’t see them in “Live” view.

Complete bar

Celebrating and announcing completions is important. When you complete all the milestones of a project, your status page should say so. In addition to the status marker in the top right corner, we’ve added a “Complete” bar to the end of your milestone timeline. It’ll automatically light up when all milestones have been completed. Congrats in advance for completing your next project!



“Edit” View updates

Adding Milestones, To Dos, and FAQs just got upgraded buttons. The delete buttons for each were a little loud before too, so we softened them up with a nifty hover effect.

Tooltips to help you out

We’ve added a few tooltips for way-finding in status pages. Give any of the “add” buttons, complete buttons, or Action bar buttons a hover to be reminded of what they do.


And more coming soon…

This was quite the update, but we’re just getting started. After spending lots of time stabilizing the platform and planning for sending invites to our early access lists, we’re ready to really kick it into gear. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for new major features and design updates.

We hope you enjoy! If you do, let us know either in the comments or on Twitter. If you have feature requests or want to report a bug, tweet at us or email us at