New Feature: Daily Digest

August 27, 2015

Last week I announced that ProjectPulse was going to share our upcoming features via status pages. Well, the first new feature that you all got to track was the Daily Digest (status page here), which we’re proud to be releasing today.

Daily Digest are very straight forward and simple, so let’s do a quick FAQ on the feature.


What’s a Daily Digest?

Daily Digests are an email dropped into a project owner’s inbox each morning. It lists out the projects that have milestones with due dates of today or tomorrow. It looks like this:



What if I don’t have any milestones due?

If you don’t have any milestones due today or tomorrow, then we skip the email. The last thing you need is more non-actionable email in your inbox. If you’re a user and want us to add this as an option, reach out and let us know and we’ll consider adding that as a feature.


What about a Weekly Digest?

Shhh, don’t spoil the surprise! This is on the way, but we’re not sure when. When this feature is scheduled will be based on user demand compared to demand for other features. If you’d much prefer a weekly option, let us know!


Do status page followers get a Daily Digest?

No, followers don’t get a Daily Digest, just you.


What if I don’t want a Daily Digest?

No problem, you can head over to your Settings page and uncheck the “Receive the Daily Digest email” checkbox.




Simple as that – no more worrying about missing deadlines. We’ll give you a heads up!


Feel free to share feedback via email or on Twitter!